Eclipse Entity Relationship Diagram Editor

The goal is to create an eclipse plugin to design and edit entity relationship diagrams. On the other side, the plugin should also be able to create SQL and Java-Code (Hibernate) out of the diagrams.

Entity Relationship Diagrams

We use the definition used by H. Buff in his book (ISBN 3-0344-0201-5). It's only available in german right now, so we will have to explain it here sometime -- but it's not the first thing we do.


We released the first version of our plugin on SourceForge. It has the following features:

We will look to further work on the system.


You can read the diploma thesis for this document here.


  1. Install Eclipse from
  2. Install GEF either from or via the update manager in eclipse unter "Help / Software Update"
  3. Install this feature by downloading it from the projects site and then extracting the files into your Eclipse-folder.

Minimum software requirements